Functionally Fit Training Program
Functionally Fit Training Program
Functionally Fit Training Program
Functionally Fit Training Program
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Functionally Fit Training Program

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This 12 week guide truly has it all! 

I have taken the best of multiple styles of training and combined them into a program that will challenge you unlike any others! This program is exactly how I like to train & is what has given me & countless others Rhidiculous results!

This program is the program for you if you are looking for a combination of training styles that will help you build lean muscle while still maintaining a lean physique!

In this guide you will incorporate strength training days, functional training days, high intensity interval training & low intensity steady state cardio.

This guide includes 4-6 days of training per week, 2 workouts per week are optional and should be added as your ability & schedule allows.

My Functionally Fit program includes 12 weeks of training  following a push, pull, legs lifting split and ab workouts in additional to 12 weeks worth of unique, never repeating functional training days & HIIT workouts!

The weekly breakdown is:

  • 1 Leg Strength Day
  • 1 Push Strength Day
  • 1 Pull Strength Day
  • 1 Full Body Functional Training
  • 1 Full Body Functional Training
  • 2 Ab Workouts
  • 1 HIIT
  • Cardio Guidance 

On Strength Training days we will incorporate a double progressive overload technique to increase our muscular strength & endurance. 

The Functional Training & HIIT days challenge us with bodyweight, power, stability, and strength work all combined for a workout that will surely get your heart rate up! 

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