Fiber 101 Guide
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Fiber 101 Guide

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In my Fiber 101 guide you will learn why fiber is so important in our diet, who needs it, how much you should be getting and even cover fiber supplements!

Fiber isn't something we can ignore. It's an essential component to a healthy life especially for those of us looking to make body composition changes.

But fiber isn't just for those who want to make body composition changes. In fact, the ideal audience for this guide is those who want to live long, healthy lives! We will dive into what the science tells us about longevity and a diverse fiber rich diet. 

In this guide I also provide you with USDA certified sources of fiber - for any diet or lifestyle! You're going to walk out of this book with the knowledge of where to turn to for fiber! No calorie or macro counting needed!

I can't wait for you to check this guide out!

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