Rhidiculous Core Challenge - November
Rhidiculous Core Challenge - November
Rhidiculous Core Challenge - November
Rhidiculous Core Challenge - November
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Rhidiculous Core Challenge - November

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Learn how to strengthen your core & have fun doing it with my Rhidiculous Core program! This program will take your core to the next level & provide the stimulus and variation necessary to stay motivated and engaged while doing it.

While having a six pack is abs-olutely a super fun aesthetic goal, our core is much more important than for just appearance. Our core responsible for many daily activities like breathing, posture, stability, but the core also provides the support and strength for many seemingly non-core exercises

You will notice a significant difference in your core strength after just one month of following this program. You will notice even more of a difference by incorporating it consistently over multiple months.


  • 20+ diverse and unique workouts every month
    • No workout is EVER the same
    • Takes 15 minutes or less per session
    • Can be done at home or at the gym
  • 200+ different core movements
    • Each exercise is linked to a video tutorial, demonstrating proper form & technique.
  • Downloadable PDF guide format
    • You keep the guide forever
  • Training Accountability Calendar
  • Timer Setup Instructions for every workout
  • For all fitness levels
    • Modifications and levels available

This core training will take on average 10-12 minutes each day, 5 days per week. You can use this core training as a warm-up or finisher to your normal training sessions or anytime that works for you! 

This is an e-book; therefore, it can be easily downloaded to your phone or any device and taken wherever you go! This is a PDF download and yours to keep forever. Please be sure to save it to your computer, google drive, ibooks, files or print it off. 


  • Either my 12 Week Rhidiculous Strength Guide or my Rhidiculous Advanced Lifting Program (RAL)

  • My 1:1 Macro Coaching:

    • The goal of this guide is a supplementary training guide to help build your core strength. You will notice a difference in your strength by the end of this guide.
    • However, visual effects will depend on more than your training, your nutrition and body fat level determines how much definition you can see.
    • If you would like to speed up your results and get help with your nutrition, I offer 1:1 Macro Coaching & would love to help you! 

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